Corporate Coaching
Progress to success offers professional Coaching and Training Services for individuals and businesses

How much does your team fire fight?
Are you often struggling to achieve objectives?
What would you and your team achieve if you looked at your aims and objectives from a solution focused mindset?
How does your team behave under pressure?
Are you and your team already a success but would like to become more successful?

What are the benefits of Team Coaching?

Enables the team to think outside the box
Helps individuals to grow and unlocks potential (draws out the best in you)
Stops the 'blame' culture
Commitment optimises performance
Highly performing individuals and teams
Powerful culture which improves staff retention
Personal /Team development and learning
Increase in productivity
Improved decision making and taking action
Energising, especially if at times you work on your own and have a tendency to procrastinate
Motivation levels to improve and achieve are lifted
Learning some great exercises and tools to use
Getting more work completed
Stops hindering thoughts and limiting beliefs
Opens up possibilities and options
Having manageable chunks and creating a structured action plan

Feedback from Progress to Success's Team Coaching Sessions

"Shelley makes one get very motivated"
"The sessions have been very useful and worthwhile"
"100% excellent"
"This will enable me to be a better member of the team"
"Interactive and thought provoking"
"A great day, I really enjoyed working with Shelley and the team"
"We can overcome the obstacles and achieve as a team"
The Impact of Coaching on Performance
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» Helps individuals to grow and unlocks potential
» People own their own goals (not imposed)
» Empowers you
» Solution focused people - come to you with answers already
» Encourages and enthuses
» Draws out the best in individuals
» Role model (to be the best)
» Keeps you motivated
» Gives you the structure - how you go about achieving
» Stops hindering thoughts and limiting beliefs
» Opens up possibilities and options